Noël Challamel

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Pôle thématique de recherche : Durabilité

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Mécanique des structures, Endommagement, Dynamique des structures, Béton armé, Mécanique des Milieux Continus

Thèmes de recherche

Endommagement - Rupture - Stabilité - Structures - Modèles à gradient et modèles non-locaux - Matériaux hétérogènes

Informations complémentaires

  • Review of papers submitted to International Journals (approximately in 50 International Journals).
  • Top reviewer 2011 in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the quality of Engineering Fracture Mechanics
  • Member of the Stability Committee of « Journal of Engineering Mechanics, American Society of Civil Engineering» 
  • Past-Chairman of the EMI Stability Committee of ASCE
  • Member of the FOCUS editorial board – Hermes science publishing
  • Head of the collection « Solid Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering » - ISTE Wiley


Member of the editorial board of « Open Civil Engineering Journal »
Member of the editorial board of « Open Acoustics Journal »
Member of the editorial board of « The IES Journal Part A : Civil & Structural Engineering »
Member of the editorial board of « ISRN Applied Mathematics »
Member of the editorial board of « International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics»
Member of the editorial board of « Engineering Structures »
Member of the editorial board of « Research on Engineering Structures and Materials »
Member of the editorial board of « Shock and Vibration »

Associate Editor of the « Journal of Engineering Mechanics »- ASCE

International reviewer for International Agencies or Academies

Member of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineering), AUGC (French Society of Civil Engineering), AUM (French Society of Mechanical Engineering), IPACS (International Physics and Control Society), Society of Engineering Sciences, American Nano Society


Name                                                 CHALLAMEL   Noël

Status                                               Professor – Ing. Dr. Hab.

Date of birth                                      8 december 1971 (Paris - FRANCE)


1995                Civil engineer - CUST (Clermont-Ferrand)

1995                Master « Materials – Structures – Reliability » (Clermont-Ferrand)

1996                Military service - musician (Chateaulin)

1999                PHD at Paris School of Mines  (Paris)

2000/2001       Research engineer at Gaz de France   (Saint-Denis)

2001/2011       Associate Professor at INSA of Rennes (Rennes)

2011/2012       Marie Curie Fellow at University of Oslo  (Oslo)

2011-              Professor of Civil Engineering at UBS (Lorient)





Elishakoff I., Pentaras D., Dujat K., Versaci C., Muscolino G., Storch J., Bucas S., Challamel N., Natsuki T., Zhang Y.Y., Wang C.M., Ghyselinck G., Carbon nanotubes and nanosensors: vibrations, buckling and ballistic impact, Wiley - ISTE, 2012.

Casandjian C., Challamel N., Lanos C. and Hellesland J., Mechanics and design of reinforced concrete beams, columns and frames – Mechanics and design, Wiley – ISTE, 2013.

Hellesland J., Challamel N., Casandjian C. and Lanos C., Mechanics and design of reinforced concrete beams, columns and frames – Section and slender member analysis, Wiley – ISTE, 2013.


Noël Challamel is Professor at University of South Brittany (Université de Bretagne Sud – Lorient, France). He is the head of a research team in Civil Engineering and Multiscale Mechanics. His research at University of South Brittany mainly concerns civil engineering, theoretical and applied mechanics problems, with a particular emphasis on scale effects, structural mechanics, stability, vibrations and material modeling (Continuum Damage Mechanics and Plasticity). He is the co- author of three books in the field of mechanics and civil engineering. He has published over a hundred papers in high standard journals. He is often consulted as a referee in more than 50 international journals in Civil Engineering, Physics or Mechanics. He is member of the editorial board of 11 international journals, and is associate editor of the Journal of Engineering Mechanics, one of the leading journals published by the American Society of Civil Engineering. He is also editor and head of the collection « Solid Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering » published by ISTE Wiley.

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